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What do Rx response codes mean?

Find out why a payment may not have been processed successfully.

If you’re a partner, for example with a gateway that you want to integrate with our acquiring platform, the following codes can help you to understand why and how a payment has failed. Each response code has one of the following prefixes:

V indicates a validation error (for example, invalid card number)
For information, see What do Vx response codes mean?

D indicates a declined transaction
For information, see What do Dx response codes mean?

R indicates a referral (to be treated as a declined transaction)

C indicates a cancelled transaction (for example, a user selected Cancel on a payment page)
For information, see What do Cx response codes mean?

S indicates a system error
For information, see What do Sx response codes mean?

The prefix is followed by three digits, for example x01. The first digit, for example the x, is for internal use only. The next two digits, for example the 01, provide more details about the response. The following list presents the code and the message for each response.





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