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Which shopping cart plug-ins are available from Cashflows?

Find out how to plug Cashflows payment processing into your website

We are developing plug-ins for popular eCommerce applications. These plug-ins provide a straightforward way to connect to our payment gateway.

These plug-ins use our hosted payment page to capture payments. You direct shoppers to our hosted payment page where they check out and pay. We take care of the processing, including security aspects and many of the technical complexities. Then when we have finished the payment processing, we redirect the shopper back to your website.

For the latest guides about adding and customising our hosted payment page, see Are there guides I can read?

If you’re a developer working on an eCommerce website, you can use our Cashflows Gateway API to integrate with all of the functionality that comes with our gateway for processing online payments. This includes securely storing card details to present to returning shoppers.