Which card terminals does Cashflows support?

Find out which card machines (payment terminals) we support and choose the one that works for your business needs

We support the following models that have successfully passed through our accreditation process.


Model For more information
Move/3500 Move/3500 Datasheet
Move/5000 Move/5000 Datasheet
Desk/3500 Desk/3500 Datasheet
Desk/5000 Desk/5000 Datasheet
Lane/3000 Lane/3000 Datasheet

Castles Technology

Model For more information
Vega3000 Countertop

Vega3000 Countertop Datasheet

Vega3000 Mobile

Vega3000 Mobile Datasheet

Vega3000 Mobile 2

Vega3000 Mobile 2 Datasheet

Micro MP200 WIFI

Micro MP200 WIFI Datasheet

Micro MP200 3G/WIFI Micro MP200 3G/WIFI Datasheet