What is Virtual Terminal?

Browser based phone and mail order payments

Our Virtual Terminal enables your business to accept payments by phone and mail order. The Virtual Terminal is browser based and provides a high level of security. You simply need to enter the card and cardholder details on our secure webpage, which connects to us for authorisation. The process takes just a few seconds, and a response is sent back confirming the payment was successful. You can use a Virtual Terminal on its own or in conjunction with accepting payments from your website or in store.  

Virtual Terminal is available as an option from our Account Management System (AMS) or via a mobile-friendly, stand-alone link so that you can to accept payments via your mobile phone: https://secure.cashflows.com/admin/vt 

For more information, download the AMS Virtual Terminal user guide

Note: There is also a Virtual Terminal option in Cashflows Go. For more information, download the Cashflows Go Virtual Terminal Guide