What is SmartPOS from Cashflows

Find out why our SmartPOS offering is right for you

SmartPOS is the industry term for Android-based Point of Interaction (POI) card machines that offer a great user experience through enhanced functionality compared to standard card machines. We have chosen models that are easy to integrate and offer the potential for adding extra services through third party applications. SmartPOS card machines are reasonably priced and enable consumers to pay in the same way as with traditional devices (Chip & PIN, Contactless, Mobile Contactless).

Our SmartPOS solution is ideal if you want to take card payments using more than a standard card machine. The SmartPOS models that we offer are reasonably priced and support add-ons such as ePOS functionality. You can customise your SmartPOS to suit your needs.

Features of our SmartPOS card machines

  • Large touch screen interface and intuitive menus
  • All payment types accepted, including Contactless, Mobile Contactless, Chip & PIN
  • Integrated contactless reader
  • Front and rear cameras to support future payment methods
  • Highest level of card machine security
  • Built in thermal printer
  • App support
  • Dual Comms - Wi-Fi and 4G with dynamic switching available when a device goes out of Wi-Fi range.
  • GPS tracking
  • Up to 8 hour battery life
  • Optional charging cradle

Benefits of using our SmartPOS card machines

  • Easy for staff and customers to use
  • Customers can choose from a wide range of ways to pay
  • Card holder data is protected
  • Reduced effort for PCI compliance
  • Print straight from the card machine. No need for a separate printer
  • Potential for adding extra services through third party applications such as ePOS applications
  • Customers can switch between the best comms method that suits their needs (Wi-Fi for in store/4G for out and about)
  • Fast transaction speeds
  • Quickly locate a device if it gets lost and stolen
  • A future-proof solution that accommodates ongoing updates and improvements by Cashflows so that you can deliver the best customer experience
  • Charging options provide added flexibility for using a device at the counter or with the Customer

To order a SmartPOS card machine or for more information, contact our card machine support team.