What is Anytime Settlement?

Find out how Anytime Settlement could help you receive payments sooner.

Anytime Settlement allows you to receive payments from your Cashflows account into your nominated business account faster than the typical three-day period (known as T+3; transaction plus three days).

With Anytime Settlement, you can receive funds into your bank account next day (T+1) or even same day (T+0) if eligible.

This is a chargeable service which will be discussed with you when you apply.

Who is it for?

For businesses who meet the eligibility criteria (see below), the benefit of Anytime Settlement is that you can improve cash flow within the business.

Eligibility criteria

The following criteria applies to those looking to apply for Anytime Settlement:

  • UK market and GBP settlement only.
  • Payments are limited to standard banking hours; 9:00am to 5:00pm, Monday to Friday, excluding UK Banking holidays.
  • You must have traded for two years before signing up or have been with Cashflows for three months before applying.
  • You must be a limited company registered in the UK.
  • You must trade in one of the approved MCC’s:
    • 6012 - Consumer Lending; Debt Consolidation & Financial Institutions.
    • 4829 - FX Brokers and Wire transfers.
    • 6300 – Insurance.
    • 6211 - Stock Trading.
    • 5812 & 5814 - Restaurants, Takeaways.
    • 5813 – Bars.
    • 5411 - Food delivery / Tier 2/3 Supermarkets; Independent merchants with 2-3 outlets.
    • 5499 & 7298 - Healthcare,
    • 8021 - Dentists,
    • 8043 - Opticians,
    • 5912 - Pharmacies.
    • 4121 - Taxi Services.

Note: If you wish to use Anytime Settlement, please contact our Support team or your account manager to arrange this.