What is a payment link?

Find out how you can reach customers on the move without a card machine or a website

A payment link is an easy way to get paid. A payment link is a web address (also referred to as a URL) that you can send to a customer to take them to a secure online payment page. You can use our online portal, Cashflows Go, to create and send payment links. 

You can send a payment link via text message, email, chat message, app or social media. The customer selects the link and is taken to your checkout page where they can enter their card details and pay you.

Features of our payment links

  • Payment links let you accept a range of payment methods including Apple Pay, Google Pay and PayPal.
  • You’ll receive a notification after every successful payment made via a payment link. This enables you to stay on top of incoming payments. It also sends an automated reminder to the consumer if a link goes unused.
  • Our payment links are for one time use. The same link may not be used for multiple customers.
  • You can embed payment links into emails, electronic invoices, text messages and chats, for example to request a deposit, complete a booking, send a quotation, or send a reminder to chase up a payment.
  • The payment links tool in Cashflows Go provides a customisable email template with a ‘Pay Now’ button. You can add your own logo and branding to help customer recognition and sales conversion. 

Benefits of using payment links

  • You don’t need an online store, card machine or other payment system.
  • If you send a payment link to a customer, they can follow the link and pay at their convenience via a mobile device wherever they are.
  • A payment link is useful for spontaneous sales on the phone although typically we would recommend using the features of our Virtual Terminal for taking payments over the phone. For information, refer to the Cashflows Go Virtual Terminal User Guide in our Cashflows Help Centre.
  • Sending a payment link is more secure than taking a MOTO transaction over the phone because a payment link uses Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) and it helps meet PCI requirements as it’s a fully hosted, customer fulfilled payment.