What 3-D Secure data does Cashflows need from my business?

For business owners. The 3-D Secure data that you need to send us

To process a 3DS transaction correctly, some extra data is required in the payment request. If this extra data is not sent, the payment request can be declined by the issuer. This will affect businesses and customers.

To generate this 3DS data, you need to engage a specialist 3-D Secure data provider. This is a 3DS EMV company that facilitates authentication of transactions. If you need advice or recommendations, you can email our implementations team: implementations@cashflows.com.

The data that we need includes:

  • The 3-D Secure transaction ID (XID or DSTransID).
  • The Cardholder Authentication Verification Value (CAVV) that enables an issuer to validate the integrity of the cardholder.
  • The Electronic Commerce Indicator (ECi) that tells us the result of the authentication.
  • The version of 3-D Secure that was used to authenticate the cardholder.

The exact details that we need depend on the version of 3-D Secure and which of our APIs that you’re using. You need a developer with API knowledge so that they can include the required 3-D Secure data in the API calls that they send to us.

The following information is available for to share with your developer: