How do I sign into my AMS account?

Find out how to access your online account via our Account Management System (AMS)

When you sign up, we send you an activation email that tells you about the Account Management System (AMS). The welcome email includes:

• Your Cashflows Merchant Account.

• A link to AMS.

• The email address and password to sign in with.

To sign into AMS you also need:

• An internet connection.

• A browser.

To sign in:

1. Select the AMS link that we sent you and display the AMS sign in page.

2. Type your email address.

3. Type your password.

Note: Passwords are case sensitive

4. Select Login.

If you forget your password and try unsuccessfully to sign in too many times, your account is locked. To unlock your account, you can ask us to reset your password. For information, see How do I change or reset my Account Management System (AMS) password?

Important: For security reasons AMS automatically logs you out after 15 minutes of activity. Just sign out and back in as usual.