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How do I sign into Cashflows Go?

Find out how to access your online account with us

Cashflows Go is your online account with us. It gives you access to all your transaction data, payment tools and notifications.

To use Cashflows Go, you need:

  • An internet connection.
  • A browser.

When you first sign up with us, we send you an activation email that tells you about your Cashflows account. The email includes:

  • A link to Cashflows Go.
  • The email address and password to sign in with.

To sign in:

  1. Select Cashflows Go.
  2. Enter your email address.
  3. Enter your password. Passwords are case sensitive.
  4. Select Sign in.

Important: If you forget your password and try unsuccessfully to sign in too many times, your account is locked. To unlock your account, see How do I change or reset my Cashflows Go password?