How do I refund a payment in Cashflows Go?

Find out how to refund a payment in Cashflows Go and why it‘s not always possible

Occasionally it might be necessary to refund a payment, for example if a shopper returns an item. You can refund the full amount or part of the amount that the shopper paid. A refunded amount must be made to the original payment method, for example the credit or debit card that the shopper paid with. You must have sufficient funds in your Merchant Account to pay for the refund. Otherwise, we cannot authorise it and the refund will be declined.

Note: A refund is possible only after a payment transaction has been settled and the status is Paid. Typically, this means the day after the payment has been processed. If a payment is not eligible for a refund, the Refund option is not available in Cashflows Go. If you need to act sooner than a refund is possible, you can cancel the payment transaction instead.

To refund a payment in Cashflows Go:

1. Sign into Cashflows Go.

2. From the Cashflows Go menu, select Transactions.

3. Search for and select the transaction that you need to refund. You can click a transaction to select it and display the Details

4. From the Details view, select the Refund page.

5. To refund the full amount:

a. Select Full Refund.

b. Select Refund.

6. For a partial refund:

a. Enter the amount.

b. Select Refund.

7. The Confirm refund page is displayed. You can enter an optional Refund reference, for example Part missing.

8. Select Refund.

The refund history for the transaction is updated and displayed on the screen.