How do I change or reset the manager passcode

Step-by-step guide to change your passcode

The default manager passcode is 1397139. We recommend that you change this passcode regularly. If you need to reset the passcode back to the default, contact our customer support team.

To change the manager passcode:

  1. Tap to display the Manager Menu.
  2. Type the existing manager passcode.
  3. Tap .
  4. Select Change passcode.
  5. Type the existing manager passcode again.
  6. Tap .
  7. Type the new manager passcode.
  8. Tap .
  9. Type the new manager passcode once more to confirm.
  10. Tap . A confirmation message is displayed to tell you that the passcode has changed.
  11. Tap to return to the Manager menu.

Important: Keep your new passcode safe.