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How do I amend my payment threshold in AMS?

Change the £100 payment threshold to an amount you choose.

When we set up your account, the default payment amount is £100. This means you will not receive payment for transactions taken until the total transactions taken exceeds £100. You can change this, for example to £50 or £500. When the funds in your remittance balance reach the threshold you have set, the funds will be transferred into your nominated bank account.

Note: You need to amend the amount for each currency you are paid in.

1. Sign into AMS.

2. From the menu on the left, select Merchant Accounts.

3. Select Merchant Accounts overview.

4. Select Account Statement.

5. Hover over Remittance Statement and select Payment Scheduler.

6. Under Schedule Details enter the amount in Remittance Threshold. This can be any amount.

7. Select Update Schedule. You will be directed to a payment schedule page.

8. Enter your Login Password – This is the password you use to sign into AMS.

9. Enter three random characters from your Payment Password. This is added security, the first time you make a payment in AMS, you are prompted to set a payment password. This is additional to the password that you use to sign into AMS.

10. Your Beneficiary Passcode will have been emailed to you. This is emailed to you as soon as you open this page.

11. Copy and paste the passcode into the Beneficiary Passcode field.

12. Select Confirm. You will be advised the request has been submitted – this means your details have been accepted and funds will be paid as per your request.