How can I review the payments I’ve received in the Account Management System (AMS)?

Find out what payments have been paid into your nominated bank account

1. Sign into AMS.

2. From the menu, select Merchant Accounts, then Account Statement.

3. Select Remittance Statement.

  • The remittance statement displays all the payments from your merchant account and into your nominated bank account. This will state as example “Faster Payments bank transfer or BACS bank transfer”. The payments to your nominated bank will display reference. “……Cashflows Remittance”.
4. You will see individual batches with a reference “Merchant account transfer “with a batch date to the left-hand side of this. To view a batch in more detail, select Settlement Batch Report.
    • Using the date range field, enter the dates that appeared on the remittance statement for the batch you want to review. Select the “Batch Reference Number”. Your batch transactions will appear as a list and the amounts shown will correspond with those on your business account statement.
    • Click on the batch to open the file and see the transactional information. You can export the data into a CSV or XLS file by clicking on the export button.